About RPM Consulting Group

How We Work: 
A lot of organizations come to us uncertain what they need, and that’s okay. The life of an organization isn’t a linear process, and growth can be difficult. Fortunately, with a little information about your organization and its structure, we’ll identify strategic and/or operational improvements worthy of focus. Generally, this happens on the first phone call, in what we call a Vision Session.

During a Vision Session, we’ll help determine and prioritize next steps for your organization, whether or not they include a partnership with RPM. There are times we can provide DIY tools to get you where you need to be, or refer you to a third party partner better suited to the task at hand.

If RPM Consulting does seem like the ideal match for your organization’s needs, we’ll work closely with you to establish a clear Scope of Work. Dedicated teams are assembled on a case-by-case basis, which helps keep our costs down and teams to conform to your objectives. It’s important to note our expertise is anchored in the needs specific to non-profits and in organizational structure, but our network includes a vast array of subject matter experts to jump in when needed.  

Chances are, your most urgent needs fall under one or more of our three service categories. We understand the challenges non-profits face, and the good news is that they are not insurmountable. Our testimonials page includes examples of not just the clients who have hired us, but organizations we have been able to help with just a phone call or two, or a referral to another business or resource. Let’s talk.

How We Do It:
We help clients navigate the complexities of their organizations with an eye tuned toward organizational growth and impact. By providing strategic guidance, structural recommendations, and roadmaps, we assist in expanding reach within communities, with donors, and with grantmakers.

Our team works closely with clients and their stakeholders to craft effective strategies that align with their missions and objectives, scaled to capacity. Let’s start where you are, succeed, and build.

Our work is concerned with the holistic well-being of your organization, but special attention may be paid to:

  • Fundraising
  • Communication Campaigns
  • Donor Outreach and Engagement
  • Coalition Building
  • Nonprofit Governance
  • Enrollment Management
  • Building Administrative Systems
  • Innovative Programming

By harnessing these areas of expertise, we empower our clients to achieve their goals, create a lasting impact, and contribute to building a better, more equitable world.

Who We Are:
Consulting Team Members
Perry Monastero, Founder & CEO 

Two key administrative team members: 

  • Teresa “Tree” DiPaolo, Executive Assistant & Administrator
  • Alyssa Ascher, Consulting Analyst & Systems Manager

Associate Consultants and Creative Team include but is not limited to:  

  • Deja Lynn Alvarez, Nonprofit Founder, Community Activist & Grassroots Leader  
  • Stephanie Chapuis, Nonprofit Consultant (and former Executive Director)  
  • Liam Dacey, Coalition Campaign Leader & Fundraising Consultant  
  • Rachel Dukeman, Strategic Planning & Communications Consultant  |
  • Elisabeth Flynn, Advancement & Strategy Writer and Public Relations Consultant  
  • Kendra Gaeta, Creative and Communications Consultant  
  • Tracy Katz, Nonprofit Fundraising, Grant Research & Writing Consultant  
  • D’Ontace D’Angelo Keyes, Development & Digital Marketing Consultant  
  • Karl Michelfelder, Graphic Designer  
  • Joey Sweeney, Creative Director and Strategic Writing Consultant  
  • Mark Watson, Grant Research & Writing Consultant  
  • Jean Wintz-Dabney, Organizational Consultant