The truth is, sometimes fundraising alone is not enough...

Value Proposition & Practice Philosophy 

RPM Consulting Group focuses on market-smart recommendations in consideration of the environment in which an organization finds itself. Our approach goes beyond fundraising and is organizationally holistic. We explore the internal and external needs of the current infrastructure and systems in place. 

Whether your organization needs strategic development or skilled coaching, each project is assigned a lead and support team tailored to your organization. Teams are assembled from a stable of experts knowledgeable in governance, board leadership, nonprofit and grantmaking strategy, communications, marketing, and campaigns. Additionally, we can provide coaching across the organization in support of staff and board members to embrace new and updated policies.  

RPM Consulting Group is built on a trio of company values - integrity, quality methods, and strong personal service to our clients. We are extraordinarily community minded, having dedicated time, talent, and energy to building organizations as board members, key volunteers, and stakeholders. 

Our consultants have held leadership and management positions in leading civic organizations, with an emphasis on serving organizations led by or serving communities of color, women, LGBTQ+, youth, and older adults. 

On a selective basis, RPM Consulting Group will charge extremely low rates to small nonprofits or take on a project pro bono, prioritizing nonprofits that serve historically marginalized communities. Further, we donate an average of eight nonprofit sponsorships each year through direct cash support.