Hex Signs & Barn Stars

Hex Signs & Barn Stars

Ever fall into a web-search rabbit hole when you find a topic simply fascinating? Recently, I kept seeing hex signs while on a road trip.

Here’s a *little* bit of what I learned: Centered mostly in Berks County and the Blue Mountain range of eastern Pennsylvania, along with other areas in the Midwest, 18th century German immigrants brought with them the tradition of adorning their farms and businesses with hex designs and barn stars. These symbols were believed to evoke wealth and good fortune.

To this day, you find these symbols on countless structures throughout Pennsylvania, a combination of the spiritual, supernatural, and religiously cultural traditions of the “Fancy Dutch” (not Amish). The main purpose of these signs is to invite God, or the spirits, to provide fertile soil, improve livestock health, and generate strong crops. Their cultural tradition lives on today.

It got me wondering, what symbols and signs do we use today to inspire success? To whom are we reaching out with our intentions?

There are many things that come to mind: hashtags, promotional items, program monikers, designed resumes, business cards, directional signs, brochures, annual reports, media advisories, and more.


Is there an opportunity to create new signs and symbols, beyond a brand logo?  Are there particular images that are culturally appropriate, relevant, and timely for our own communities today?