Sometimes a Creative Structure is What's Needed for a Nonprofit

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☸ On 11 or 12 occasions since 2019, I have been consulted by a team of folks, a family, a business, or a leader desiring to start up a #foundation or a #nonprofit #organization where a traditional structure would not suffice.

====> In other situations, a creative option is needed for an already established nonprofit. 

➡ In that case, I strongly recommended they seek legal counsel as I am not a nonprofit attorney steeped in each state's rules on nonprofit organizations - and limited in what I can know for certain is possible for each group.

⚖ I do recognize, however, what options exist and am thrilled that we have so many trusted sources of #legal counsel for the nonprofit industry including Morgen Cheshire, Donald Kramer, Laura Solomon, Esq., Kate Williams, and more. 

**** The structures and options can vary - and can be creatively developed using the imagination and inspiration of the founders. I thank these #attorneys for their excellent work.