6 Recommendations to Charities from the 12 Largest Donor Advised Funds

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I found the following suggestions on the website sections dedicated to supporting #nonprofits as they inquire about receiving #grants
While some might find these suggestions common sense, I still want to share a sample to potentially inspire action: 
1. "Our donor advisors check GuideStar - update your data on programs, staffing, and financials annually." 
2. "We use PayPal Giving Fund Charity Accounts to transfer funds. Make it easy for our #donors by either updating or creating your #organization's profile." 
3. "Install DAFDirect to your website to signal to donors that you wish to receive donor-advised #grant funds." Here's a link: https://www.dafdirect.org/ 
4. "Put your charity's Tax ID# on your website." 
5. Fidelity Charitable® offers to manually update your information in your system by calling a toll-free number. This is worth it especially if you have moved in the past 5 years as I have seen checks gone missing. 
6. If you receive the #donor's contact information, send a thank you note to them for making a #gift through their #donor-advised fund