Can My Nonprofit Lower the Barriers & Receive More Stock Gifts?

**Source - The Blackbaud Institute (2020)

1. First, a sophomore report (Source: FreeWill) I found instructive, featuring key trends in stock and mutual fund giving as well as the #market for these #gifts to #nonprofits:

2. Second, an excellent primer by Magda Cychowski suggesting steps to improve your #organization's ability to receive #stock gifts, and in consideration to limit #fraud:

===> Key Findings:

*** After a couple of years of declining popularity, stocks as a form of #philanthropy appear to be on the rise.

*** FreeWill #analysis shows the #barriers to entry are still high for both #donors and nonprofits, therefore making #charity through stock #contributions cumbersome.

*** Awareness is still reportedly low among donors around the possibility of giving this way - as well as the benefits from doing so.

Since the average gift size of stocks is roughly $5,000**, there's value in both making it easier for donors to give stocks *and* in communicating the process to our #supporters

**Source - The Blackbaud Institute (2020)