Do commissions have a role in fundraising?

Do commissions have a role in fundraising?

Years ago, I read a news article about the various ways that fundraisers were compensated. True to the American way, the opinions of those interviewed were varied.

The story covered bonuses, set percentage commissions, "finder's fees," flat raises, and the decisions that CEOs were making on development staff pay.

Where do I stand?

*** I am wholeheartedly against accepting a commission and I agree with the Association of Fundraising Professionals that trust in charitable organizations is paramount.

==> Why do I feel this way?

Among the many reasons....

1. A large gift can arrive, and I might have zero to do with that donation. In essence, a reward without merit.

2. How would donors feel about this arrangement?  I imagine at least some donors would view it with skepticism, questioning my sincerity as a fundraising professional, and undermining the charity's trust.

3. Most of us work for nonprofits because we’re passionate about the mission, and we believe the reputation and wellbeing of the organization matters more than our earning high compensation.