Is Giving Tuesday worth your attention?

Is Giving Tuesday worth your attention?

Find a secret weapon to help get you unstuck

When we were kids, and we found ourselves stuck at a railroad crossing, waiting as a passing train rolled by, we came up with a game of counting box cars. At an average of 55 feet, when you reach 100, the train length is about one mile long – and trains can be quite long indeed.

What does this have to do with fundraising for nonprofits?  We have all been in that place of feeling stuck, or simply out of fresh ideas. 


What can you do when you feel stuck?

Keep one secret weapon at the ready. Where can you turn to find new prospects to engage with your organization?  Ask your key stakeholders, your top volunteers, major donors, biggest fans. Ask yourself who is closest to your mission and vision and talk with them.

Thank them for their ongoing support and ask them for referrals. Ask for introductions.

If you and your colleagues and fundraising team talk with 100 of your organization's friends, you will reach that long mile – and you may find yourself that much closer to reaching your fundraising goals.