House of Blahnik & Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Leader, Dr. Stephaun Elite Wallace


My world and the world at large recently lost an outstanding research epidemiologist and an inspirational, superb, and committed public health and social justice leader:

I am mourning his absence and am always reminded of Stephaun's tremendous love for community, his brilliance, and his patient perseverance as he enlisted others to help address and change systems of oppression. 

Stephaun deftly managed many roles including concurrent leadership posts including those at Fred Hutch, Yale University, University of Washington, HIV Vaccine Trials Network - as well as helping to co-found House of Blahnik decades ago and recently founding the House of Marc Jacobs in 2021. 

I first came to know Stephaun through the House of (Manolo) Blahnik in the mid-2000s through Damon Humes, MHS and the many members of the Blahnik family throughout the country. 

His impact and that of Humes on my life got me to incorporate years ago and for that opportunity to help with his organization's planning efforts, I will always remain forever deeply grateful. 

Rest in peace, Stephaun Elite Wallace, Ph.D. Rest in power, Dr. Wallace.