PGA & LIV Golf: Still Unfinished Massive Nonprofit Merger

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Questions remain about the pending #merger of the new for-profit & the 107-year-old 501(c)(6) #nonprofit #professional #association.

=== > With billions at stake, what questions do you have? My partial list:

*** 1.  Will a House Bill proposed to strip the nonprofit designation of professional #sports associations, #leagues, or #organizations pass?

2. How far and long will the pro #golfers and #advocacy groups go as a number are still either opposed to or actively fighting the merger?

3.  How much will the #charitable outcomes of the newly reformed nonprofit grow, as the #PGA Tour intimated?

4.  Will #antitrust concerns prevail and will questions remain about how Saudi #investors are compensated for their billions in investments?

5.   When will all the details of the merger become final and available to the public?

6.  Will the #DOJ claim there is an even greater #monopoly by the merger, the same argument allowing a second entity in the competitive #marketplace to begin with?