Wharton Professor on Unlimited Vacation Time

Vacation View

Peter Cappelli posits that corporations’ implementation of so-called unlimited vacation time may benefit the #employer more than employees. 

In the late 1990s, I had the privilege of working with Cappelli through a #program he co-directed for college #leaders with my department chair and higher education #market research #pioneer, Dr. Robert Zemsky. 

I always found Cappelli extraordinarily brilliant, asking questions that moved people to act while conducting his own groundbreaking #research

From his short Fast Company #essay linked below:

*** Slightly more than a quarter (27%) of employees use all their accrued #vacation time, so what do team members do when a workplace shifts to the new rules? 

*** What of uneven time off among #team members - does that foster any resentment? 

*** Data shows that supervisors take more days off than non-management employees - do front line staff feel more pressure to work more days in a row than their supervisors?