Why Not Make Donor Renewals a New Year's #Resolution?

Why Not Make Donor Renewals a New Year's #Resolution?

Say goodbye to 2020 with this #fundraising opportunity, one with a good #ROI.


Why focus on lapsed (or “it’s-been-a-while”) donors?

  • Lapsed donors already know your #organization.
  • #Research shows some just forgot to give.
  • Renewing #donors is less expensive than finding new ones.


Where did your lapsed donors go?


  • Some donors have moved (or moved on to another #charity).
  • A small number have died (or no longer have the ability to give).
  • The rest fit into another bucket.


Let's focus on this last group since we can do the most with them.

The next step in a donor renewal system is to discover any information that can help ascertain why they lapsed.

At the same time, think about how you might regenerate their interest in the 
#mission and #impact of your organization.

Most people will want to learn about the work and feel reconnected before being asked for a contribution.

More to come on this. First post in a