Zoinks! Third-Party Spontaneity Deserves Stewardship

Image source: Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine

🐄 Holy cow, there is this wonderful #organization that is generating surprise support from a multitude of #sources from the #community.

☀ Have you heard of such a thing anywhere? I'm sure you have. 

===> People from religious organizations, community organizations, professional groups, artists and musicians, youth leagues, social media pages and groups, and more.

🌀 How does the nonprofit inspire the #fundraising?

💡 💡 💡 The communications team puts out examples of their nonprofit's impact, testimonials, and #program outcomes which resonate with the fundraisers because of the experiences of their friends and family members who faced the issues that the #nonprofit addresses.

*** A practice to publicly and privately thank these fundraisers generates more goodwill

*** A policy to acknowledge these groups and invite them closer to your organization inspires renewal efforts and spin-offs

What else can we do to respond to these wonderful people out there? A lot!

Image source: Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine crew have nothing to do with fundraising. Sadly.